Locational advantages of Pharma Action's heparin production process

The production of Pharma Action’s heparin APIs is divided into two steps at separate production sites. The location of both within Germany enables rapid releases and on time API deliveries.

Crude factory in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

The highly modern production site includes the newest technologies to guarantee highest qualities of crude and APIs, in addition to helping preserve the environment by methods such as the implementation of newest recycling technologies.

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Crude heparin production unit
Aurea 4
33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

API production facility in Berlin

The GMP certified production facility is especially attractive due to its accessible location, with short routes both to airport Schönefeld and the centre of Berlin, as well as proximity to motorways in all directions.

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Production unit
Innovationspark Wuhlheide
Koepenicker Str. 325, Haus 12
12555 Berlin

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